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Group Workshops

How to develop the self confidence to perform in public?

I have a lot of students who have been coming along for lessons for a quite a while now and who are actually quite good - the problem is they don't believe me!! and they are pretty frightened by the prospect of performing for others.



So I though that one way to help people to discover that playing with / in front of others is unlikely to kill them is to offer small group workshops in a familiar environment, with like minded people - and surprise, surprise, after some initial trepidation everyone seems to really enjoy the experience as you can see from the above slideshow with photos taken at the Easter 2013 Workshops.

Small group workshops are offered throughout the year usually during school holidays and will be publicised in the Latest News section on the Homepage.

You can see what we got up to at the Easter Workshops in the following video - set your computer to HD if you can for best results. You can do this from the cog on the bottom line of the Youtube frame - enjoy!!!