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Free Practice Backing Tracks

To help you with your Lead and Rhythm playing we have produced a set of Practice Tracks in various styles which are graded in line with the LCM / RGT Grading structure. You can see a selection of them in the table to the left - you'll find a few more on our Youtube Channel. If you like the look of these videos please like / comment and subscribe to our Youtube Channel to keep up to date with our latest releases.

if you find a track is a bit too fast for you try pausing it and study at the chords across 4 bars, or slow it down by adjusting the settings within Youtube - 0.75 is good - see below...

If you're already on a higher grade try all of the grades up to your current grade - you might need a refresher and you'll be able to apply your newly acquired higher knowledge.

If you're working through the grades you can even have a glimpse into the future by looking at some of the higher grades tracks.

I hope you enjoy using these tracks - if you have any further questions or requests please let me know.

More videos coming soon...