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Free Guitar Lessons

To help you get started and to supplement your regular guitar lessons I hope you find the free lessons listed to the left of this page along with the associated notes, worksheets and videos helpful and thought provoking.

As with all forms of learning you might end up with more questions than answers as your awareness is raised, but that will give us some useful starting points when we meet for your regular lessons.

The internet is a great source of learning and I have selected a number of Youtube videos from different providers in order to illustrate particular points - feel free to continue with your own research.

One day when I have the time I'll start producing my own, but in the meantime full credit to the authors of the videos I have selected who have obviously taken a lot of care producing some excellent instructional videos.

All of the videos are included on the basis that they are freely available on Youtube and therefore free of any Copyright. If there has been any Copyright infringement on my part then apologies in advance to the authors, and if I am notified of any infringement then the offending videos will be removed immediately.

In the meantime - Enjoy....