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Discounts on Cassidy Products

About 8 years ago I started talking to my students about my ideas for a range of quality guitars and accessories. Primary considerations being high quality and affordability.

We discussed Brand names, Headstock shapes, logos, Trademark Applications and the specifications of different types of guitars and basses, Cases and Gig Bags.

In 2013 I was very pleased to launch the Cassidy®, Bluesville® and Axeman® range of Electric and Acoustic Guitars and Basses along with a very nice range of Hard Cases and Gig Bags.

One of the main reasons for me wanting to produce my own range of guitars was to try and match high quality with affordability. I am very conscious of the costs of Guitar Lessons and how long it takes to become a "good" guitarist. Part of this journey is the introduction to the different types of guitars and established brands and the associated costs - more expense!

As a gigging guitarist I'm also very conscious about the risks of damage or (even worse) loss of prized guitars whilst out on the road - yes it certainly does happen. Is it really sensible to take out a vintage guitar worth thousands of pounds to a pub gig which barely covers your expenses?

So Cassidy® guitars are all designed and specified by me here in the UK before being sourced from quality manufacturers in the Far East and then Inspected, Set up and in the case of the UKCB Models, Built here in the UK by me. No Distributors, no Retailers, no Sales / Customer Services Call Centres - when you buy a guitar from me you deal with me directly. That keeps our prices surprisingly low and quality reassuringly high. Read what some of our Customers have to say here.

In recognition of the investment my students make in guitar lessons and in return for the valuable feedback they have give me over many years on my products, I am very pleased to reduce these prices even further. So, Registered Students who are taking regular guitar Lessons enjoy a 15% Discount off Retail Prices (Excluding Special Offers and Discounts) on all branded Cassidy®, Bluesville® and Axeman® products.

You've probably seen all of the guitars during your lessons and may have already seen one that you like. Take another look at our full range and give me a call if something catches your eye.

Thanks for your continued support.