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Top 21 Student Videos

1. Ben LW + White Rose Lay Down

2. Jamie DS Day Tripper

3. Jaya G Everybody Hurts

4. Brian W All Along the Watchtower

5. Robyn H Since You (Original Composition)

6. Ryan J  Apache

7. Dave E Wonderful Tonight

8. Jessica M Small Bump

9. Gareth R + In Evil HourAs Seas Rise

10. Robyn H You Belong With Me

11. Ethan K Europa

12. Olivia S Price Tag

13. Sid H Wild Wood

14. Ryan J Make it Shine

15. Jamie DS Kashmir

16. Ben LW Hideaway

17. Jaya G These Little Things

18. Harry D Jubilee Rock

19. Patrick G Danny Boy

20. Zach N Blackbird

21. Harry D Blue Suede Shoes







If you have ever thought of playing the guitar but never got round to it yet, or maybe you are thinking of giving someone close to you the opportunity to learn? Then it's probably time you started taking things a bit more seriously? Age isn't really an issue from about 8 years of age upwards. Don't worry thinking that you may have left it too late - you'll be surprised how quickly you will begin to hear results. Learning how to play the guitar will change your life - with a structured approach to lessons and practice you will find a whole new world opening up all around you.

Welcome to the wonderful World of the guitar!!!


Yours Truly - making some noise!!!

I've had the pleasure of playing with some great musicians over the years in a variety of lineups from Country through to Jazz Big Band, Smooth Cocktail Party Jazz and Psychedelic Blues Rock. Here are a couple of audio and video snippets of me playng with various lineups plus a couple of solo pieces - quite a contrast as you will see and hear....

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Group Workshops


How to develop the self confidence to perform in public?

I have a lot of students who have been coming along for lessons for a quite a while now and who are actually quite good - the problem is they don't believe me!! and they are pretty frightened by the prospect of performing for others.

So I though that one way to help people to discover that playing with / in front of others is unlikely to kill them is to offer small group workshops in a familiar environment, with like minded people - and surprise, surprise, after some initial trepidation everyone seems to really enjoy the experience as you can see from the above slideshow with photos taken at the Easter 2013 Workshops.

Small group workshops are offered throughout the year usually during school holidays and will be publicised in the Latest News section on the Homepage.

You can see what we got up to at the Easter Workshops in the following video - set your computer to HD if you can for best results. You can do this from the cog on the bottom line of the Youtube frame - enjoy!!!






Easter 2017 Timetable and Group Workshops

Just to confirm that, my normal teaching timetable will continue up to and including Thursday 13th April and resume again on Tuesday 18th April.

The Easter Workshops will take place on 23rd (Juniors) and 30th (Adults) of April this year. For those of you yet to experience the delights of a Group Workshop, this is what you can expect :


Spring 2017 Exam Results

Congratulations to the following students from the Cassidy Guitar Studio who achieved some great Exam results...


Winter 2015 Exam Results

Congratulations to the following students from the Cassidy Guitar Studio who achieved some great Exam results...


Merry Christmas 2015

Merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year to all of our Customers


Summer 2015 Exam Results

Only 4 entries for the RGT / LCM Summer 2015 Exam session, but an impressive set of Electric Guitar results from the following youngsters :


2015 Easter Group Workshops

This year's Easter Group Workshops will take place on Saturday 11th April.


Christmas Workshops and Holidays.

There are still a few places left on the Christmas Workshops planned for Saturday 20th December - get in touch to reserve your place.


The 20th December will be the last teaching day before the Christmas New Year Holidays. The normal teaching timetable will resume on Tuesday 6th January 2015.


Winter 2014 Exam Results

Congratulations are in order for a number of my students who achieved a great set of results in the Summer 2014 Registry of Guitar Tutors / London College of Music Exams issued by the University of West London.


We're not just about designing and building great guitars but we also like to think that we play our part in developing great guitarists. Guitar Education is where we started and is still a priority for us today, so it is always very satisfying when the Postman delivers those Exam certificates. Today was no exception as the hard work and dedication of 6 students from the Cassidy Guitar Studio were recognised by the University of West London / London College of Music in a set of excellent results.


Summer 2014 Break and Group Workshops

Thanks to everyone who attended today's Workshops for putting in such a lot of hard work and making them so enjoyable.